Willa was found in an alley in South Los Angeles with a Yorkie and a rooster. Yes, you read that right – a rooster. She was missing patches of hair all over her body and was covered in open wounds. Her neck, with its mass of scar tissue, appeared to have been chewed on regularly by other dogs. She was abandoned, starving, and close to an early death.


When Karma pulled her from the Downey Shelter a week later, we knew she had a long road of recovery ahead of her. It took months of veterinary visits and tender care for the wounds to heal and the fur to grow back. Though shy at first, Willa became attached to her foster family and their two Karma alum pits. Willa’s foster mother, a long time Karma volunteer, began to bring Willa everywhere with her – rugby practice, shopping, work, and even on trips to get more dogs from shelters. Willa started to participate in Karma Rescue’s educational visits to prisons and the schools of at-risk L.A. youth. Students loved seeing before and after photos of Willa, shocked at how much a dog can transform under loving care.


Willa now lives with a doting new family, having waited over a year to find the perfect home that could give her the attention she needs. Her parents love her so much, though she occasionally gets to have sleepovers at her old foster home!