Become the sole or joint sponsor of a particular cat or dog who is up for adoption. It is as easy as checking out our adoptable cats and dogs and choosing one! You can see all of our available pets here! As a sponsor, you will receive updates about your sponsee’s well-being and news about their adoption. Knowing a cat or dog has a sponsor means that we can definitely pull him or her from a shelter-it can even mean the difference between life and death. It really is that important.

Forming a personal relationship with a Karma cat or dog who is up for adoption not only helps you experience the joy of saving an at-risk animal, it also is an important way for a cat or dog to get additional attention, receive guaranteed financial support, and benefit from your own personal network of contacts whom you might talk to about “your” dog or cat.

Sponsorship can be as simple as making a $300/month donation on behalf of an animal. Many of our sponsors share the sponsorship by splitting that cost with friends.

Please contact for more details on this most valuable program.