Sid belonged to Lona, a good friend of Karma Rescue. Sid was a special dog and made a huge difference in Lona’s life. Lona, in turn, wanted to make a difference in others’ lives in honor of Sid.


She joined with Karma Rescue to create Sid’s Spay/Neuter Fund. As an organization that sees daily the destructive effects of animal overpopulation in our city – in Los Angeles alone, 200 pit bulls and 250 adult cats are killed in shelters every day – we believe strongly that all animals should be spayed or neutered.

Sid’s Spay/Neuter Fund helps combat animal-overpopulation by paying for animals to be “fixed.” The Sid Fund sterilized over 400 animals per year and that number keeps growing.

Karma partners with local veterinarians in low-income neighborhoods that offer discounts for vet services, including spay/neuter. We encourage people to commit to spreading the word among their families and neighborhoods to make use of our free service, and we frequently get entire blocks fixed as a result!