Inspired by a very special dog named Coco, a dog whose family loved her but didn’t have the resources to provide the best care, Karma Rescue launched “Project Coco” to help assist and educate families like hers to become top-notch dog owners.


People love their pets, and the saddest thing to see is a loving owner who doesn’t have enough money to provide for a pet’s basic needs. Project Coco intervenes in cases like these, providing food, rebuilding fences and shelters, and giving medical treatment to improve the living situation of the animal. We work with low-income families and even homeless owners to make sure that no one has to part with a beloved family member.

Project Coco also believes that education is the key to improving the lives of pets in our community: we spread the word about spaying and neutering and provide the owners with low-cost spay/neuter coupons. We also pair pet owners with trainers when necessary and continually follow up to make sure that the owners’ questions are not left unanswered.

Items such as crates, dog houses, flea/tick medications, food, collars, leashes, blankets, bones and toys are sorely needed in these households. We accept donations of these objects as well as monetary contributions that can go toward buying supplies for Project Coco families.