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Our Sponsors—Sponsor a Dog, Save a Life

Sponsors have a huge impact on the number of dogs Karma can save! Sponsors choose an adoptable dog from Karma Rescue's "Available Dogs" list and support that dog until he or she is placed in a safe and loving forever home. Sponsorship includes the cost of food, medication, boarding , and training. As costs can vary depending upon the specific dog, please contact for more details on this most valuable program.

We desperately need sponsors! Are you able to sponsor? Email us at

Karma Rescue would like to thank the following people for their dedication to our sponsorship program. We appreciate each of you and we could not do this without you!

Bianca Ryan

Dogs sponsored:

Artimes, Barlow, Bridgette, Brutus, Burt, Buster, Button, Chex, Clooney, Dahlia, Dallas, Danny, Gilbert, Happy, Keiko, Margo, Penelope, Ping, Pong, Ryan, Taz, Luna.

The Amsden Family

in Memory of Our Beloved Departed Pets Buddy, Bacchus, and Stewie.

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."
—Will Rogers

Dogs sponsored:

Emma, Hula, Pearl, Tanner.

Kelli Branstetter

I have such gratitude to Karma Rescue for being the voice, strength, assistance, and change to so many deserving souls. I believe we can each make a difference one dog at a time. I'm thrilled and blessed to be a part of such a beautiful organization!

Dogs sponsored:

Gia and Clarissa

Carole Ellis

Dogs sponsored:

Shlya, Todd, Wilbur, Simon.

Holly Hite

Dogs sponsored:

Chip, Iris.

Debra Suard

My journey as a Karma Rescue sponsor started way back at a Best Friends event years ago when I first met the President of Karma and I took one of the shelter "left-overs" to foster for Karma. There have been many dogs who have benefited from our connection since that day! I am so proud of the work Karma does, and the well deserved stellar reputation they have...and am so happy to be a tiny part of the miracles Karma makes happen!

Dogs sponsored:

Benson, Bess, Blade, Joee, Tommy, Champ.

Chrissie's Fund

Chrissie's Fund is proud to support the amazing and vital work of Karma Rescue.

Dogs sponsored:

Ace, Chip, Dale.

The Milsom Family

Long-time volunteer Alex got her dad Jeff to start sponsoring dogs when she saw Lyric dying and in desperate need of help when his non-Karma sponsor abandoned him. After falling in love with Keiko, Alex's first Karma Rescue dog, Jeff was happy to help out with the organization and has since sponsored Howie the hound, Demoze the big blue pit, Starsky, and many more. Alex is helping to sponsor Felicity Kelly, whom she first met at a hoarder's house in the Mojave Desert. Even though Jeff lives in New York City, he tries to visit Alex a few times a year and meet the dogs he sponsors. She lives in Venice with her two Karma Rescue dogs, Keiko and Arwen (who also came from the hoarding house in the desert).

Dogs sponsored:

Demoze, Don Juan, Howie, Janie Z, Jeffrey Jumbo, Lyric, Starsky, Felicity Kelly.

Danielle and Jon

Dogs sponsored:

Bellarmine, Benny, Eleanor, St. Nic, Vincent, Zoe Bell.

Jasmine Rassekh

The dogs I've sponsored are Max, Pia, Jasmine and Lucie. All of my sponsor babies have a special story that has drawn me to them. They all hold a special place in my heart and will forever be a part of me. I wish that I could save all of them but I've learned that helping even one homeless animal is one closer to saving them all. Through this experience I've learned to not give up and to continue doing what I can do, even if it seems like an endless journey. It's easy to give up, thinking that there is no way we can save all these homeless animals. But trust me, there is no greater joy than pulling a dog from the shelter, one that has given up hope and the will to live, and giving that dog medical attention , love, a warm bed and eventually nursing him back to health and finding him a new forever home! It makes my heart smile!

Dogs sponsored:

Lucie, Max, Jasmine, Pia.

Lucie Watkins

I'm a huge dog lover, and a sucker for pit bulls. I adopted Abigail Angel, a dog who was intentionally set on fire, from Karma Rescue and have been involved ever since. Giving dogs a second chance to find homes and join fantastic families is one of the best things I have ever done. I continue to help in honor of all of the dogs we've loved, lost, and will love in the future.

Dogs sponsored:

Max, Rocco, Spunky, Briggs.


Each dog that has come into my life has taught me so much and I will be forever connected to each and every one. To sponsor and foster a dog is so important - it gives them that support that they need to set them up for success in their future forever home. And, when you find that perfect match for them and a home with people who love and care for them, it is the best feeling.

Dogs sponsored:

Emma, Hershey, Leo, Lolo, Mini, Munchie, Murray, Paco, Roger, Snickers.

Susie Yoo

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

—Mahatma Gandhi.

Dogs sponsored:

Rubi, Rambo

Susan Willis

Sponsoring Karma Rescue dogs has been a great experience. I started sponsoring after fostering dogs for almost a year and realizing how much money Kama Rescue needs to take care of a dog.

The dogs from the shelters or streets are in awful shape and most people would not want to adopt them. They are dirty, frightened and many times sickly. Karma steps in gives them a bath, high quality food, medical treatment, supplements if needed, and a quiet, safe foster home; and within a day or two they are completely different dogs. You would not recognize most of them as the scared, dirty, traumatized doggies in the shelter. When I sponsor one of these dogs, I see the transformation and the placement into a loving home. The entire transformation and placement is so rewarding. When I first started volunteering I thought the adoption donation would cover the expenses that Karma incurs for a dog. It does not. There is so much more money spent on each and every dog. Without sponsors, fewer dogs would have the opportunity to be saved from the shelter and placed in a home. I am so glad that I am able to help save more lives.

Dogs sponsored:

Bailey, Katy Pretty, Tyson.


4ThePits sponsors dogs in honor of Tiki, a beloved pit who was an ambassador for the breed and provided unconditional love every day of her life. It is because of Tiki that 4ThePits was founded to support pit bull rescue and advocacy.

Dogs sponsored:

Darlene, Delilah, JR and Olivia.





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