In Memory of Nina Lowell, 2003-2015

‘Nina’ had a hardscrabble beginning, as a heartworm-positive stray on the streets of Redding, California.  Dwight and Kimberly Lowell adopted her as a youngster, and she became the apple of her dad’s eye.  Dwight was completely smitten over Nina, and was awed by her striking beauty and breathtaking athleticism.  However, she came with certain “issues.”  Nevertheless, Dwight was ready to do whatever it took to fix her, and, in the end, she was reformed by a pit bull named ‘Boss,’ who was her soulmate from Day One.  She wasn’t a perfect dog but, together, they were a perfect family.


Nina was a very special dog, and made a huge difference in the Lowell family’s life.  In turn, as a way of honoring Nina, they wanted to make a difference in others’ lives.  And so, the Lowells joined with Karma Rescue to create “Nina’s Spay/Neuter Fund.”  Karma Rescue well knows the destructive effects of companion animal over-population in our city:  in Los Angeles alone, 200 pit bulls and 250 adult cats are daily euthanized in the city’s shelters.  For that reason, and so many others, Karma Rescue strongly believes all companion animals should be spayed or neutered.

Nina’s Spay/Neuter Fund helps combat animal over-population by providing funds for animals to be “fixed.”  The Nina Fund sterilizes over 300 animals per year, a number which continues to grow.  Karma partners with local vets to offer, in low-income neighborhoods, discounted veterinary services, including spay/neuter.  We encourage people to spread the word among their families and friends to make use of our free services—indeed, as a result, we frequently get an entire block of people’s pets fixed!