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Councilmember Koretz attends Karma Rescue's Annual “Create Karma” Fundraiser


Dog Adoption VolunteersCouncilmember Koretz was honored to attend Karma Rescue's Annual "Create Karma" Fundraiser. Karma Rescue saves at-risk dogs from the Los Angeles area shelters. Karma gives a second chance at life to such dogs by providing them with training and further providing them with loving home environments through a dog fostering program. Karma Rescue also has instituted an informational outreach program, to educate communities on the ethical treatment of dogs, thereby reducing dog fighting, neglect, and abuse. Councilmember Koretz presented Karma Rescue founder Rande Levine (pictured here) with a certificate of appreciation to thank her and Karma Rescue for their efforts. Karma Rescue holds adoption events at PETCO on Westwood Blvd. on Saturdays between 11 am and 3 pm. Please support local rescues!







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