It takes a special person with a particularly large heart to foster a newly-rescued animal. During the transition phase from street and shelter to home, rescued animals require emotional support, consistency, and training. A foster parent fulfills an integral role by providing an initial safe and secure environment for a rescued animal. It may even be the first loving home that animal has ever known.

A good foster home provides a nurturing atmosphere that includes shelter, care, consistency, exercise, and, most importantly, love. Foster families are often the strongest advocates for individual animal needs, providing information about their specific personality traits and helping us match him or her with the appropriate home.

It takes a special person who can provide all of this for a rescued animal and then give them up when a permanent home is found, but by taking in a newly rescued animal for Karma Rescue, you enable us to pull another animal in need from the Los Angeles area shelters. It’s one of the most direct ways to help save these animals’ lives.
Karma Rescue Fostering Application



Fostering for Karma has been an amazing experience. We get to see our foster animal’s true personality come alive as we provide a stable home with discipline and love. Knowing that we play such a vital role in saving his life and ensuring his future is a humbling experience. We love being a foster family for these beautiful animals!


In the past year and a half my roommate and I have fostered six different animals. Some were adults and others only a few months old. It’s a serious commitment to make but we are extremely grateful for the experiences we’ve had because of these animals. A lot of love and hard works goes into caring for another living being, however the rewards are amazing! You get to learn each animal’s unique personality, watch them learn, and grow up right before your eyes. It’s the best feeling when the animals get adopted because you know that they have found a forever home, but will always have a place in your heart. Fostering is something that I find extremely rewarding, and I just love helping these little nuggets find their place in the world.