Education is critical to addressing the companion animal overpopulation problem, and empowering people of all ages to make an immediate impact within their communities. In fact, education is 2nd only to low-cost spay/neuter programs in helping cities reach and maintain a No-Kill status.



Karma Rescue creates thousands of animal advocates annually through our “Create Animal Allies” education program. The positive and engaging K-12 curriculum integrate age-appropriate enrichment activities, while our outreach and campus events share the facts, promote spay/neuter/mico-chipping, and help overcome breed stereotypes. All visits advocate ways to take action.


Our free children’s literacy program builds reading skills, self-esteem and confidence around animals for improved social, emotional and academic development. Reading aloud to a dog creates a positive experience for new and reluctant readers alike. Studies show that reading skills can improve up to 2 grade levels by reading just 10-15 minutes a week to a dog over time.


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Thank you for your creative contributions to help homeless animals! Try these yourself at home: Homeless animal quilt, Braided shelter dog toy, Doggie gift drive




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