Durfee Fund
Chris & Barney

The Christopher S. Durfee Foundation was created to carry on the dedication and devotion Chris showed throughout his life to the betterment of animals, most notably to improving the plight of abandoned dogs.  Chris had an affinity for those dogs that struggled the most.  Becoming a paraplegic at the age of 28, Chris understood first-hand what it meant to struggle.  It was his unwavering connection to his own canine companions, Jed, Barney, and Topher, that provided him so much joy.  Barney, pictured here, was adopted by Chris from Karma Rescue when no one else would choose him due to his age, and other factors.  It wasn’t pity that drew Chris to Barney, but simply where his heart called.  Chris was committed to the “underdog” and his foundation will continue to honor this quest.

The Chris Durfee Fund is dedicated to the rescue of homeless animals that are both the least likely to be taken-in, as well as the most in-need of human compassion. Established by the late Chris Durfee, a hero and avid advocate for the under-dog, the fund supports the rescue of animals identified as being precluded from adoption due to observable illness, injury, behavioral deterrent and/or advanced age, and the costs associated with rehabilitating such an animal. Founded to offset the behavioral rehabilitation, medical, and boarding expenses required to care for these animals, the Chris Durfee Fund enables Karma Rescue to truly save the animals that need us most.

Chris & Topher