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Nova Fund: In Memory of Nova

Contact UsNova passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Small things come in large packages, or, in this case, large things come in small packages.

The Nova Fund was created in memory of our pal, Nova, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix. Nova was only seven years old when he tragically died. He was a special dog, with special needs, and he exemplified what happens when backyard breeders cross unsuitable blood lines without care to the puppies they produce. For backyard breeders, it's all about making money. Nova was going to be abandoned at a shelter, un-sellable due to his special needs' status. Fortunately, Kathy and Tiffanei Reese, dear friends of Karma Rescue, and friends to animals in general, rescued Nova from this unscrupulous breeder, and immediately took him into their home where, for seven years, he was showered with love and affection, a wish we have for every homeless animal.

Karma Rescue has now started a small-dog adoption program, to help save the more than 10,000 small dogs annually abandoned in City shelters (per NKLA's reporting). After visiting the South Los Angeles Shelter in August 2012, pulling 13 amazing little dogs, and thankfully placing them all in forever homes, we feel it incumbent upon Karma Rescue to stand up for the "little guy."

A very special thank-you to Kathy and Tiffanei Reese, for sponsoring the Nova Fund. Kathy's and Tiffanei's support will now help Karma Rescue save an additional 200 dogs per year!

Amber Fund: In Memory of Amber

Contact UsJust days before Thanksgiving in 2003, Amber became the very first pit bull Rande Levine's Karma Rescue pulled from the South LA Shelter. Karen Pomer had looked at nearly 50 dogs before she spotted Amber on Karma's web-page. It was love a first sight. Amber, who had been living on the street, completed a training course before Karen took her home. Thanks to Amber's rehabilitation and training, Karen and Amber spent nine years together as best friends. Amber was also a companion to Karen's 95-year-old mother and is missed by many other relatives and friends. Please help give Karma's pits a second chance at life just like Amber (2002-2012).


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