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10,000 Paws Project Monthly Donor Program

Our goal is to reach concerned donors who will commit to our "10,000 Paws Project" program in celebration of our 10th Anniversary, enabling Karma Rescue to secure its financial future. The program asks these dedicated donors to commit to a year of monthly donations at one of four levels – Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

With the help of these dedicated "Paws" donors, Karma will be assured of the financial support needed to save at-risk dogs, whenever and wherever necessary, without putting a financial strain on its existing capital. These monthly funds will also be used to support our Education Program, Project Coco and much more. Karma is sure that the "10,000 Paws Project" program is one that all of our supporters can believe in and want to be a part of and our goal will be to register as many "10,000 Paws" supporters to the monthly program as possible.

We donate to give back to those in need. We feel a social responsibility to help others. We believe in Karma’s mission and as pit bull owners ourselves, we appreciate all they do for the breed. We wish we could save them all!!! We believe in community service and donating to important causes. It’s a regular part of our lives.

Mr. & Mrs. Winchester


10,000 Paws Project Donation Levels:


$5.00 (up to $25.00) per month annual commitment


$26.00 (up to $50.00) per month annual commitment


$51.00 (up to $ 100.00) per month annual commitment


$101.00 (and up) per month annual commitment

Per Month Your Donation will Give a Homeless Dog a...


Dog ID tag

$26 .00

Distemper/parvo vaccine

$51 .00

2 days doggie day care

$75 .00


$101 .00

Week of boarding

I support non-profits because I feel like I can make a difference in so many overlooked causes. I chose Karma Rescue because I saw their passion and never ending hard work. They are rescuing 24hrs and in the worst parts of town and then rescuing the ones that would be put down because they are so called not adoptable and gets their medical done all by donations or out of their owns pockets and THEN send them to professional trainers to make them 100% adoptable and then takes the time to find the perfect match. As I said, 24hrs a day. I now support them because they save and help anything that needs saving, including turtles and rabbits! There is no other rescue that I have seen that has this kind of love and commitment! It is vital that they have donations so they can continue to save lives of so many that would not have a chance at life or love!

Tiffanei Reese
A forever Karma Supporter

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