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Hello my new friends!  My name is Tanner and I may be the most relieved and happy fellow you will ever meet.  You see, I was recently rescued from the shelter after 4 long months of patiently waiting amongst the chaos…  I am simply the most friendly and perfectly social boy on the block – my friendly disposition became my popular reputation around the shelter so everyone used to use me to  socialize and test the others because I’m such a gentleman…  They say I was there so long simply because no one wanted me because of my skin condition – that is now being successfully treated YAY!!!!  I am only 4 years old and a hearty 64 lbs (April/2016). I am part Labrador, part Mastiff and part Teddy Bear 🙂  I really hope you will consider coming to visit me?  Love, Tanner

Lab Mastiff Mix