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Handsome and oh-so camera friendly Romeo is a butterscotch and brown Labrador Retriever. He was born approx. July 2014. Romeo is super-playful, does well with an active lifestyle and is VERY intelligent.  Romeo just loves a challenge and gets so excited when he’s tasked with learning a new command or a new trick on leash as he is currently in training at K9’s Only.   Romeo is studying hard to ace the remainder of his program and upon completion plans on being at the head of the class with perfect manners.  He’s got a smile that lights up a room and is such a happy boy who thoroughly enjoys being around you.  Romeo needs an experienced handler who will be consistent with him and reward his successes and offer him a structured but loving environment.  He would thrive in a home that understands his needs as he does well with other dogs but needs a respectful and gentle introduction so as to not overwhelm him.  He would do best in a home with no children.