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Hi everyone, I’m Ragnar and let me tell you a little about me. I’m just about 3 months old and I have a brother and sister kitten and their names are Floki and Siggy.  And if you compared all three of us, I’m the biggest of the crew. My foster mom calls me the boldest and I don’t know what that means exactly, all I know is I love to explore and go on many new adventures because it’s the funnest ever and I’m a kitten and that’s what I do best!  I love to climb up high and explore and play all the time with my siblings. I’m independent but my foster mom says I’m also very sweet and loving.  And guess what, I too like chirpy mice and wand toys!!  So get ready world, because I’m ready to find my family and I hope it’s soon!

FOSTER UPDATE: Dog tolerant/could be social with proper and safe introduction



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Photo Jun 18, 2 59 37 PM


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