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Hi everyone, I’m Pepper and boy, what a year!  My owner died and I was separated from my sister and all alone.  I was placed with a super special person called a foster and even though I was depressed, she loved me deeply and now I’m ready to fly!  My foster mom thinks I’m a real beauty but also thinks I’m a goofball.  I’m pretty adventurous and like to explore new places.   When the mood strikes, I will go crazy hunting down a toy.  One of my favorite toys is a big piece of paper.  Why? Who knows? I’m a cat! But usually I’m pretty serene, always super gentle and polite.  My foster mom says I’m not at all destructive and they’ve never had trouble with my scratching furniture. I also learn quickly and I know the word “sit” at least if you’ve got something I want!  I’m an all around good girl and dream of being in a home and loved by my family.  Maybe you will think I’m special and want to meet me!