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Hello everyone!  My name is Mallie and I’m just about 6 months old and called a Belgian Malinois.  June 26th of this year started out like any other day but then my whole life changed in an instant.  The Stockton shelter notes read gun shot. I was abandoned.  I was injured.  I was alone. I don’t understand why.  I don’t think I did anything to deserve it but then a kind and compassionate soul found me and brought me to safety. I healed with lots of love and attention at the shelter but then my guardian angels with Karma Rescue knew I could use a second chance at a new life.  They said they would help me find my family and I hope it happens soon! When I fall asleep, I dream of sitting in the warm sun and family BBQ’s and laughter and playing fetch and going on hikes.  I dream of fluffy beds and kisses goodnight.  I dream of my home.  I love humans and other doggie friends because I like to always be with good company.  I came on an airplane with a special friend and I did fantastic!  I promise to be good and I promise I will love my new family to the moon and back if only you can think of opening up your heart and your home to making me a part of your pack. Right now I’m being trained as part of the Paws for Life program which means I’ll be a Canine Good Citizen and I’ll even get a diploma and know all sorts of great commands and when I find my family, how proud they will be of me!