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Cookies and cream charmer Lee is such an amazingly sweet boy. Just a little over two years old, Lee has such a playful and eager spirit. He is confident and loves to be around other cats. He’s currently housed at NKLA where not only did he find a girlfriend, but he has even participated with NKLA’s Cat Yoga Saturdays. Lee is energetic and playful and loves to be around people-he’s quite the social butterfly. He is tolerant of chaos though he does like the calmer, chiller moments when he can just hang out. Lee’s temperament is so exemplary, and even lets me clean his ears and trim his nails for his manicure session..he is so forgiving and patient. He uses the cat scratcher like a pro, loves cat wands and the laser pointer, and is also game for a good cuddle session-go to NKLA and meet Lee!