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Howdy friends!  The name is Houston, I’m two years old and I’m a Midwest transplant from the great state of Texas.  I’m the newest pup to the Karma crew and they think I’m super special and feel I’ve got what it takes to be a sunshine lovin’, Runyon Canyon hikin’, convertible ridin’ California boy!  I’m really playful and active with lots of great energy and love the outdoors although I definitely appreciate the chill times. I’m definitely a cuddles-connoisseur!  I cannot wait to feel the grass on my paws and stretch my legs while I play ball or go on a hike.  I hope my new family loves to go on fun adventures because I think I’ve got the skills to be their new best wingman-so if you feel you’ve got the skills and talents of  becoming my new best friend and want to meet me, just ask for Houston!