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Chopper and Little Girl

Hi friends!  My name is Chopper, the handsome fellow on the left and allow me to introduce you to my best friend in the whole world, Little Girl.  We lived in a home together with our best human, our daddy until he got very sick.  I don’t understand a lot about what’s going on, but I do know I probably will never see him again and that makes me and LG really sad.  We met really nice shelter people and they made a promise to us that everything would be okay and they would find us a miracle.  I think we found one!  My new buddies at Karma Rescue told us we’re part of the crew and we will find a forever home together!  Even though we were super nervous when our daddy needed to say goodbye at the shelter, we never stopped smiling and always had wagging tails! We both are good with big and little dogs, children and  housebroken too!  We are so excited to be taking this next step of this journey with new friends and we can’t wait to discover our new family and new home!