Bagueera Fill out dog adoption form


Dear Diary:  It’s Sunday afternoon and I really would like to tell my new mom a Happy Mother’s day but I haven’t found her yet-can you help me?

I’m a tiny little nugget with a tiny little voice but I have one big wish friends, and that’s to find my forever home!  My rescue family Karma took me in and put me in this glamorous pink sweater, I don’t know, I think pink just might be my signature color!!.  Everyone is taking such great care of me and I really like being with all the peoples, because they’re just so much fun and I get lots of  hugs and kisses and snuggles that make me feel so safe but I really just want one family and my own bed! I’m waiting at NKLA Pet Adoption Center for you to come find me, I’m the hot one in the pink hoody!

Bagheera! Bagueera